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This company is dedicated to solve the problems concerning your car's masterkey, codecard, immobiliser- or injection control unit (exchange), with one "small restriction" though: your car has to be of the Italian Fiat, Alfa Romeo or Lancia brand...



Example 1: Instrumentpanel of a Fiat Cinquecento 900,

note both the injection- and immobiliser-warning-light are lit.

The engine will NOT fire-up because of that.

Example 2: Instrumentpanel of a Alfa Romeo GTV/Spider,

also note both warning-lights being "on".

 Also this engine will not fire up.

Code-disabeling eprom can solve this problem for you !

With the big advantage of solving your car's problem in a much cheaper way than the official factory dealers.

From the year '94 up, the Italian brands of Fiat, Alfa Romeo and Lancia were factory-equipped with an immobiliser-unit as an extra sucurity to make the car's more theft-proof. Of course this was a devellopment that helped to provide the new owners to a sense of more securenes. UNTIL.................. Until the immobiliser-system breaks down and in that process locks out, not only the possible thieves, but much more important, it's rightfull owner AS WELL! This results in a rather expensive repairbill, were as the car has mostly lived the larger part of it's life already and there is no longer the threat of being stolen because of it's shiny "newy-ness". Also many of these cars have an aftermarket-installed class 1-2-3 alarm systems that has a built-in immobiliserunit as well, so those cars are actually, or "were" actually double protected. Therefore shutting down the original immobiliserfunction makes the car not much lesser protected. This story also shows that electronic systems fitted to cars today and in the last 10 or so years can have great advantages if they work, but at the same time also put the owner in a financial difficult situation when shutting out the owner as well. The factory immobiliser systems seems to be, like many other electronic systems that make car driving these days "easier" very sensitive to instable Voltage's like a flat battery, defective Alternator, corroded of loosened earth-wiring, etc. 


Exchange-Engine Controle Unit's:   click on the picture or link for more info.

For a number of older Fiat's, Alfa Romeo's en Lancia's we can provide you with exchange engine management computers (ecu's). On request they can also be code-disabled!


Masterkey & Codecard:   click on the picture or link for more info.

This applies only to the older sytems of Fiat, Alfa Romeo and Lancia that have the Code 1 System installed. These systems are well known for ruining their owners day in case of a problem in the immobilisersystem when the owner no longer has or never has had the codecard or masterkey. One is essential for programming new keys into the system whereas the other is essential for performing an emergancy start by means of the accelerator-pedal. Fortunately in many cases, but not in all, both can be remanufactured again!!!


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